University Club of Winter Park
841 N Park Ave Winter Park, Florida 32789
(407) 644-6149

meetings & conferences

A Stately Place To Gather...

Originating as a public forum in 1948 intended for academic and business meetings, the long-standing tradition remains alive to this day at University Club of Winter Park. We welcome all established groups and professionals to utilize our historic venue to share ideas, information, and celebrations. Here, you can host meetings, conferences, luncheons, award ceremonies, seminars, and group activities. With A/V capabilities to showcase presentations and utilize speakers and videos, you'll be afforded resources needed to entertain your guests.

Supporting Educational Pursuits

“I like to promote the Winter Park University Club (UCWP) because I respect the idea of a place that promotes the intellectual pursuit of ideas in a collegian atmosphere.

If you’ve a mind that needs/wants exercise, I recommend the UCWP. It’s affordable. It’s available. It’s an appropriate place to invest your mind and time.”

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